The Music

theothermeThe Music of “The Other Me”
All songs written by Eric Copeland and Donna Gray, except “Blessed Assurance” and “The Hymn Medley” (Public Domain).

He’s Coming
This very uplifting and joyful song is in honor of Jesus’ final coming, calling us to prepare our hearts and our lives, and look in anticipation for the Lord’s soon return, when He takes His saints home to spend eternity with Him.

Blessed Assurance
This classic hymn speaks of the comfort and assurance that we, as Heirs of Salvation, have through Jesus’ redemptive blood, shed on the Cross for the forgiveness of our sins.

The Other Me
This song describes the realization that Donna had when she finally and fully understood that God’s love for her was always there, even in times of darkness and lack of her own worthiness in His eyes, not just when she felt that she deserved this love by trying to faithfully serve Him. This understanding set her free to know how special and loved she is by God all the time, and how amazing and forgiving He truly is. Through this song, she hopes to encourage others to know that they, too, are loved and forgiven.

Let Him Lift You In His Arms
This song has an upbeat jazz/gospel feel that will leave you dancing as you realize the hope and refuge we have in God when we turn to Him in times of weariness and trouble. He will always be there to lift us in His arms, to rest our weary hearts, to restore us, and to know that God, as our Father, longs to hold us as we fall into His arms of unending grace.

A Mother’s Love
This song describes how a mother’s love will remain with her children throughout their life and speaks of how she teaches and guides them with her loving touch as they grow. It also gives tribute to Donna’s mother, Judith, who taught her children how to pray and give God thanks for everything they have received.

You Are
This song inspires worship as it describes the awesomeness of our God, the Great I AM. He is everything that we will ever need in life – the air we breathe, the pure water of the fountain of mercy that will forever sustain us.

Unseen Hand
This ballad reminds us that God is always there to see us through every fear, every tear, in our restless and busy lives. Even when, at times, we have doubted that He is there, all we have to do is still believe, hold on to His loving and unseen hands, and know that He will never let go

The Heart of This Man
This song is dedicated to Donna’s dad, Bill, whose love, devotion and hard work has been, and always will be, precious to his family. After his father passed, this dedicated man of God also helped to raise his younger siblings when he was in his early 20’s. Throughout the years, Donna has seen his relationship and faithfulness to God grow despite all of the hardships and struggles that came across his path. “A heart of prayer, a heart of peace, that’s how he is, that’s how he lives.”

Medley (Day By Day; Precious Lord; Trust and Obey)
Over the years, many friends and loved ones have asked Donna to record the powerful hymn Precious Lord, Take My Hand. This is included in the medley of some of her favorite hymns, which still inspire her to follow Jesus and to always know that He is there with her.

Please Remember Me
This song is both a tender prayer to God for guidance and protection throughout life, as well as a depiction of what Jesus felt while He was separated from His Father as he bore the sin of the world on the Cross. This song is a reminder that God will never leave us or forsake us, and that His love will guide us through each step that we take as we follow Him.